Statement from Marion Rothner, head of recruiting human resources, KTM AG

The Lebensraum Innviertel initiatives are a very valuable support for our employees who have been recruited internationally. This provides them with another important contact outside work in addition to managers and colleagues. The organized trips allow them to become more familiar with the country, the culture and its people and, at the same time, to network with other international employees in the region to share experiences. The information events about social insurance and taxation have also been consistently well received. We particularly appreciate the personal and individual supervision of employees by Maria Dietz and would like to pass on our thanks for her excellent work.
Statement from Ingrid Schwarz, Director HR, Frauscher Sensor Technology

Imagine the changes in your life when moving to another country. How would you proceed? Many questions and concerns would probably come to mind, like where should I sleep? How’s the best way to move? How does the health system work? What can I do in my spare time? In answering all these questions, our foreign newcomers are fully supported by “Lebensraum Innviertel”. This support plays an important part between the employer and employee, and is specially dedicated in supporting prompt and fine established integration of our foreign employees. Thank you for being there.
Interview with Kiran Griffiths, India | Frauscher Sensortechnik GmbH - R&D department - design, development and maintenance

What was the main reason to come to the „Innviertel“?
It was originally not my plan to move to this region. But I always wanted to have an international career. I was searching for jobs during my master studies in Germany when a friend of mine suggested me to apply to Frauscher. Within a month, I was called over for an interview and received the call to join. It happened so quickly that I did not have enough time to research the region. But as soon as I started living here, I was impressed by the beauty of the landscape and the peace and calm.


Did you feel welcome?  Why/why not?
The people in the company were very welcoming. I was very anxious about living through the first few months, but my colleagues made me feel at ease. Being brought up in a Christian household back home in India, I started visiting the local church here in Schärding on Sundays. The people there were also very welcoming. We now have a choir and it brings me great joy to be a part!

How was your integration process?
It has been nine months since I moved here. The local dialect is still a problem, but I’m better at it now than I was when I came here. I only started learning German in 2015 when I moved to Germany for my Master studies and before I moved here, I thought that I had a sufficient German proficiency. But I was in for a shock after I moved here. I couldn’t understand a word :). But it is all part of the experience. I preferred that my colleagues speak to me in the local dialect and not in English or in “Hochdeutsch” because I wanted to learn the dialect too. I find it rather easier to speak it than Standard German. But it’s my opinion and I still have lots to learn. I love the food. “Moizeit” was the first word I learnt in Innviertlerisch. I’ve not travelled so much so far. I’m yet to start discovering the whole country but I eager to start.


Who helped you?
I was introduced to Ms. Maria Dietz by my company much later, but the help has been really great. Especially, the seminars conducted for internationals. In the beginning, I was helped by my friend who suggested me to move here. Whenever I have a question, I ask Maria and she responds immediately. It was in December last year that Maria Dietz and others organized a day trip to Steyr for us. This was the best weekend I had ever had until then in Austria. It was great since I met many people from different parts of the world and also made many new friends who I meet during the weekends now.


Did the region and services meet your expectations?
Yes, they meet my expectations.


Any advices for other international people?
Innviertel is the place to be! The people are wonderful, the environment is super clean and the future looks very bright. Being a city-boy, I had grown tired of the pollution and the crowds and the noise. I lived in Mumbai for 16 years. My advice would be to be a part of community events so that you integrate better and faster into the society here and also remove all prejudices you may have about the region. The people are warm and welcoming once you get to know them.


Something we should know….?
….about job…
—– I love the work environment at Frauscher Sensortechnik GmbH. The people are very warm and welcoming and I was helped a lot in the initial few months after I moved here. The company also has branches in 10 other countries around the world and this speaks about the international character of the company. I am very glad to be a part of this firm.

….about friends…..
—– I’ve lived in 4 countries in total. Each time I move, although it is hard and painful, I always end up making new friends and still am in touch with my old friends. I now have friends from almost every continent and I’m very proud of this. I see myself more as a citizen of the world than as an Indian.

…about yourself….
—– I love experiencing new cultures. Recently, my interest in learning new languages has grown more than before. I love music and it has been a part of my life ever since my childhood. I continued my music, in particular, my singing even after I moved to Austria by joining the church choir at the Evangelische Pfarrgemeinde Schärding.

Interview with Ardaye, Philippinen | Workshop Business Development – Customer Service KTM AG

Why did you come?
—— I came to Austria basically for work and trying to know if I can settle here for a lifetime.

What was the main reason to come to the „Innviertel“ (name of the region)?
—– Innviertel, particularly, Mattighofen is the Headquarter of KTM, the company I am working with.

Did you feel welcome? Why/why not?
—— Yes, I feel welcomed. The people in KTM are so warm and kind. They can not speak English that much but they tried to speak with me in English so I can understand them.

How was your integration process?
—— It was difficult in the first months because I have to learn a lot of things to which I was not prepared for. I did not know how to ride with the train, I did not know that there is a schedule of the bus, I did not know that supermarkets are open from this time until this time and a lot more. There was a time that I decided to go to Salzburg for a Salsa Party. When I was walking going to Train Station, I lost my way because it was dark and it was a cross section and I didn’t know exactly where the train station is. So I kept on walking to the right direction until such time I could not see houses anymore. I came back from the cross section and started walking in another direction. Finally, I have seen the train but I was few seconds late that I was not able to catch it. I was standing there, catching the snow and waving my hand to the running train. This is just one of the experiences that I have had. But because of unforgettable experiences, I learned things little by little. Colleagues are helping me which I am always happy about.

What were you expecting?
—— I thought I can live a life normal in the first day but not. Life here is difficult in the beginning because of the language. Language plays a vital role in a new place and this is the thing that I did not learn when I was still in Qatar. I went to other countries but integration was so easy because most of the people can speak English. I understand that in country sides like Mattighofen, they seldom speak English rather they speak in Austrian dialect.

Who helped you?
—— Colleagues from work

What was the support like?
—— Translation and some normal things that I am curious about. Advice: Ask and they will try to help.

Did the region and services meet your expectations?
—– Yes. I was looking for a place where I can work without stress, meet and talk to kind people, live with security and enjoy the place without hassle. I always dream of a simple and quiet life and I have found it here. Of course, there are always exceptions wherein some people are acting differently and procedures in the government are sometimes complicated and a crazy weather just like last week…it will snow…after 10 minutes, sun will shine…after 10 minutes, it will rain and windy.

Any advices for other international people?
—- First and foremost learn the language….
—- Know the timing of shops, governments, bus and trains.
—- Go to Gemeinde and ask if there are people living in the place who are of the same kin like you. This fellow man or woman will be a big help in order to know the basic things plus for you to feel comfortable somehow.

What makes the „Innviertel“ worth living?
—- Simplicity and silence.

What about beer in Upper Austria?
—- I am not a good beer drinker and I can not say anything about it. All I know, people here drink the beer like water. In addition, I can say that I love the RADLER produced in Ried… it is the best Radler that I have ever tasted.

Something we should know….?

…about job…
— KTM is a very nice company I would say. It allows my mind to explore, work on impossible things, deal with difficult situations and drive towards my goal which is leaving a legacy in this company.

…about friends…
—- I just keep a number of friends I can count on… A Hungarian, an Austrian and some Filipinos nearby.

…about yourself…
—- I am a snobbish type of person and always wanted to sit on one corner of the room. But when a person starts knowing me, he/she will find a very unique individual with full of adventures in life.

… about Lebensraum Innviertel (Maria Dietz)
—- Yes, this group, especially Ms. Maria is an angel to us… The first time I met her was last February 13,2013 in a seminar about Well Insured. It was a very informative meeting. It was just in the second meeting that I got to know things about her and that she is able to extend some help for Internationals ( Even lovelife I guess so). There are things that even our Human Resources can not provide but this group, not to mention, Maria, is able to answer and give us some advices even about the smallest thing like adopting a dog or a cat…Not only advices but she knows what we need. She is organizing events wherein we are able to meet other internationals around, know the Austrian government at large (Social Security system, Tax policy and Toursit Visas) and of course, know and understanding Austrian Culture. The things I just recently mentioned can’t be found anywhere else except in this group……not even in Youtube. Interaction and building relationships with the people around makes my life, our lives easier. And so, I am thankful that I met Maria. Anyway, I came here in Austria last Decemeber 6,2012.. And before I met her, I have these embarassing unforgettable experiences. NO regrets…It is part of an adventure here in Austria.